Welcome to Miami Creek!

Thank you for your visit!  We had a great 2014 season at Paola Farmer’s Market, and I must say, I’ve met some great people.  What a wonderful atmosphere, location, and products!  I am so happy to have supplied the hospitality table with our coffee last year and we plan on doing it again in 2015!

We are currently working on building out our coffee facilities and beginning the path down establishing a small brewery and cidery operation.  Our goal is to be operational by the end of 2015.

All of our produce is chemical free.  It is naturally fertilized and kissed by the sun.  Amazing flavors happen when items are fresh and grown naturally.  We want to share those flavors with our customers.

To keep up to date on our offerings and where we’ll be, subscribe to us on twitter @MiamiCreek.  Also, please sign up for the newsletter.  We’ll keep you up-to-date on the happenings here on our 20 acre slice of heaven!

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Another day in the books

Another full day at the office and 3 hours working on the ceiling framing in the brew house.  The best part about calling it a day is the reward that awaits in the kegs… but after a pint of one of our test batches, it almost knocks me out!

Started the conversation with Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  Apparently our brewery waste water needs to be handled appropriately… and I totally agree.  I sure don’t want to waste it though.  Inspector suggested a 1000 gallon waste tank that is pumped out on a regular basis.  I’d rather opt to find an environmentally friendly cleaner for our equipment and use the spent water to irrigate… but we have to follow the law to get this ball rolling.  If we can’t accomplish it the first time around, it’ll be revisited down the road.

I’m extremely excited that my tree supplier is carrying the Newton Pippin apple.  This apple was made famous by Thomas Jefferson who grew them in his orchard in Monticello… and guess what he did with it!  He made cider.  This apple was one of the first apples exported to the UK.  The Newton Pippin is a fantastic cider and dessert apple and I’m looking forward to sharing this classic.

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Progress as promised!

The work continues at a hectic pace.  We are in the middle of our design and layout for the brewery/cidery.  Probably at an OCD level, but we are engineering some pretty cool tools that will help us be more efficient at bottling and producing a quality product repetitively.

We were visited by the State Inspector Friday and got our to do list from him.  It went much better than we anticipated.  The building has a bit of work to be done, but it’s going to be something we can accomplish in 2015.

Currently, I am installing a ceiling in the brewhouse.  Not a big sheet rock fan, but it gets us the biggest bang for the buck.  We’ll blow several inches of insulation up top to help with our heating and cooling costs.  Surprisingly we were told that the wood stove could stay!  I love the idea of being able to use some of the downed wood here on the farm to help keep us warm in the winter.  It’ll be more important than ever to keep those fermenting beverages at a mild temperature so the yeast can thrive and do their work!

Design continues on a pneumatic bottle capper and washing station.  We are reviewing water reports and designing a water filtration stuff to take out all the “extras” provided by the water department.

More later… been a long day!

Will R.

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