Another full day at the office and 3 hours working on the ceiling framing in the brew house.  The best part about calling it a day is the reward that awaits in the kegs… but after a pint of one of our test batches, it almost knocks me out!

Started the conversation with Missouri Department of Natural Resources.  Apparently our brewery waste water needs to be handled appropriately… and I totally agree.  I sure don’t want to waste it though.  Inspector suggested a 1000 gallon waste tank that is pumped out on a regular basis.  I’d rather opt to find an environmentally friendly cleaner for our equipment and use the spent water to irrigate… but we have to follow the law to get this ball rolling.  If we can’t accomplish it the first time around, it’ll be revisited down the road.

I’m extremely excited that my tree supplier is carrying the Newton Pippin apple.  This apple was made famous by Thomas Jefferson who grew them in his orchard in Monticello… and guess what he did with it!  He made cider.  This apple was one of the first apples exported to the UK.  The Newton Pippin is a fantastic cider and dessert apple and I’m looking forward to sharing this classic.