Artisan Cider

We are in the final stages of acquiring our Federal and Missouri permits to produce ciders, mead, and wines.  We expect our first products to be available during the first half of 2018!

Fall 2015 and 2016 found us planting additional heritage/antique apple trees for cider production.  Many of these being the variety that our founding fathers made cider from!  It’s been a long time in the works, and with our additional property, we are looking forward to establishing a large orchard and providing some locally grown and brewed hard cider.

Many years ago, I experimented quite a bit with a variety of fruit wines and cider.  This was something my dad and I really enjoyed.  His farm, although small, had quite the garden and a variety of fruit trees that we converted into hard cider and wines.  We started planning and investigating what it would take to open a small winery, but life got in the way and he was taken before those plans were realized.

Now that opportunity has presented itself again!  We have secured our microbrewery permits and have begun the licensing process for a winery.  This will allow us to add artisan ciders to the list of our offerings once our orchards get established and start producing for us.

While our orchard is small, initially, all of our wines and ciders will only be available in our taproom.  However, our trees continue to grow and we continue our expansion plans.  Spring 2016 saw an additional 200 trees and each year after, we’ll expand until we are at capacity (around 1200).  These fruits will be showcased in not only our fruit ciders, but also in our beer and meads!  We anticipate that we’ll have more than enough apples for our needs, so we expect to be able to offer our apples to other brewers as well.


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