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Fall apple planting

This past fall we added 50 apple trees to our orchard.  They are in the ground, hopefully developing their root system and will go crazy when warmer temperatures hit this spring.  Here are the details about the varieties we added […]

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Pumpkin Ale

I know, I know… pumpkin ale is probably a little overplayed, but some of us just can’t get enough of the stuff.  Plus, there may be an opportunity to improve on what some pumpkin beer lacks…  quality local pumpkins! I recently […]

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Kona Coffee

Many of you know Chrissy and I recently took a trip to Kona, Hawaii.  During our stay we had the pleasure to get personal tours of two different coffee farms.  I set these tours up ahead of time hoping for […]

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Walnut Syrup

A great resource that many of us in the mid-west don’t take advantage of is the black walnut tree.  It can be tapped as a source of syrup, the leaves can be harvested as a bittering agent, the very young […]

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Wild hops discovered!

What a surprise!  Mowing grass in a neglected part of our property when I looked up and noticed something that looked a lot like hop cones… and quite a distance from the rhizomes I planted this spring.  I looked further […]

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More progress

Many of you may know that we’ve passed our Missouri/FDA inspection for our commercial kitchen.  This is an exciting step towards getting our brewery opened.  Next up is our federal permit, which we are waiting patiently for.  In the meantime, […]

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Another day in the books

Another full day at the office and 3 hours working on the ceiling framing in the brew house.  The best part about calling it a day is the reward that awaits in the kegs… but after a pint of one […]

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Progress as promised!

The work continues at a hectic pace.  We are in the middle of our design and layout for the brewery/cidery.  Probably at an OCD level, but we are engineering some pretty cool tools that will help us be more efficient […]

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Welcome to Miami Creek Brewing Company!

We opened our doors on October 30th, 2016!  Since opening, we have met a ton of people that love craft beer and the unique atmosphere that our microbrewery has to offer. We are licensed to sell by the glass, sell […]

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