Chrissy Reece

Welcome friends!

My journey with beer started just a couple of years ago and if you’re like me it has been just that… a journey. Ok ladies, I know some of you (probably many) have mixed emotions when it comes to drinking beer, right? I personally didn’t like the taste of even the lighter, more popular varieties on the market. I preferred a chilled glass of sweet or semi-sweet wine. The sweeter the better! In fact when Will and I were dating we would take weekend trips to visit the region’s wineries and vineyards to sample all their wines. If you get a chance, ask Will about our trip to Hermann, Missouri aboard the Amtrak train!

If after five years of marriage I’ve learned anything I would have to bet that it was all in Will’s master plan that slowly I would start to find the sweet wines were becoming too sweet for me.  Although I am known to enjoy a delicious long island from time to time I needed to find an alternative go-to drink. It must have been around that time that some good friends of ours shared their homemade wine with us. Although I had not been a fan of drier wines in the past I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed them. Don’t get me wrong their wine is spectacular! Will and I are extremely grateful when we’re gifted a new bottle.

It was around that time that Will introduced me to local craft beers and that was the beginning of my journey. Not surprisingly I started drinking wheat beer and that was a great transition beer for me. I could say the rest was history but what fun would that be? Believe me, back then I would have never thought that I would enjoy several different types of beers like saisons, brown ales, stouts, and even porters. Now we enjoy finding and tasting new beers we have not had before. The one thing I have learned is that I don’t enjoy a lot of hops! But Will thinks he will be able to convert me one of these days. Who knows, maybe he will?

However, my favorite aspect of this new journey has been the people we meet. Mostly, we talk about beer but also about life in general. Just sharing stories with one another. There’s something about drinking a beer with family, friends, or even a stranger that creates a space for great conversation. Will and Carl have the skills and passion for making great tasting beers with local flavor but we are equally as passionate about the friendships and family that are made along the way.

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