Happy New Year fellow lovers of craft beer!  We wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2016 and let you know what Miami Creek Brewing Company has in store for 2017.  

In October 2016, we saw our doors open to the public after two years of permits, building our brewery, and attending festivals.  This soft open was intentional as it gives us an opportunity to streamline our processes and make your visit a better experience.

We have ‘laid low’ with respects to marketing, so you or your friends may not have heard about us.  We are a farm based brewery located south of Kansas City near the small town of Drexel Missouri.  We grow some of the ingredients on our farm that goes into the artisanal beers we produce.  We also source local ingredients when possible.  Our taproom is inside our brewery and when the weather cooperates, people can take advantage of our outdoor space where they can relax, play a game, or simply stroll our 21 acre farm.  All of our beer is unfiltered and naturally conditioned in bottles and kegs.  Miami Creek Brewing Company is a craft beer producer with a rural winery setting and feel.

We have a large orchard area that has grown to roughly 250 fruit trees of several varieties,… mostly antique apple trees.  This orchard was planted to help sustain future cider production while providing some interesting flavors in our beer.    

From a financial aspect, our brewery was built without loans, investors, or other outside capital.  We believe this gives us the freedom to focus on quality, small batch artisan beer, where our production may not meet the monetary demands of investors or the financial burden of loan payments.

It was truly a pleasure to meet so many people during our 2016 festival season as well as the folks that have visited our brewery.  We’ve made several friends over the past year and it was an honor to share the result of our hard work with you!

That being said, we look forward to 2017 and what the new year holds in store for us.  

  1. We will begin shopping for distribution during the first half of 2017.  We will be looking for an organization that can take on small producers of craft beer.  While our output may be small and crop dependent, we feel that getting our 750ml bottles more accessible to consumers is a great move for all involved.  
  2. Speaking of bottles,  in January, we expect to see the release of our first bottling.  These 750ml belgian bottles were filled with our Blackberry Barleywine and are currently conditioning.  More bottles of several varieties will also be bottled in 2017 for onsite sales.  
  3. Beginning spring we will start having some onsite entertainment during select open weekends.  This entertainment will be mostly acoustic duos playing a variety of music.  
  4. A large garden will be planted in the spring of 2017 not only for beer ingredients, but also for our consumption.  Don’t be surprised to see cleanly grown produce for sale during growing months at our openings.
  5. As far as beer ingredients, we are planning on growing a variety of herbs, vegetables, and fruit during 2017.  These include heirloom pumpkins, cucumbers, melons, peppers, lavender, basils, sage, and rosemary.
  6. I am always amazed at what flavors yeast can bring into a beer.  In 2017, we’ll run some science experiments and harvest some local yeast from our orchard and our blackberry plantings.  These wild yeast strains could produce some wild flavors and we hope to share them with you!
  7. With a goal of producing a truly local beer with all local ingredients, we will be working closely with a Missouri maltster and local hop growers to produce that completely local beer by year’s end.  A truly local beer with a truly local flavor!
  8. Our testing of Missouri oak from a Lebanon, Missouri cooperage is complete.  While we do not have the room for barrel storage, we do have the opportunity to bring Missouri oak into our beer courtesy of a Missouri producer.   
  9. Along with our malted cider testing (Harvest Apple Ale), we will also be working with local vineyards to produce a malted wine.  These beer hybrids gives us some room to experiment without being licensed to produce wine or cider, which we are targeting for 2018.  
  10. Finally, we will be expanding our hours beginning in April.  We will be opening 2-3 weekends per month and including Friday.  You weekend lake goers can stop by and pick up some craft beer to enjoy lakeside over the weekend!  As always, please verify our open dates on our website or on Facebook!

To tell you that we are excited about 2017 is an understatement.  If you haven’t visited us yet, we hope you can fit a visit into your busy schedule.  If you’d like to come out off hours for a purchase or to have a tour and a pint, simply contact us.  We want to get to know you and share our craft with you.  Cheers to your and our future!  We hope you can share in our successes in 2017 and beyond.

Will & Chrissy Reece


Miami Creek Brewing Company