Kansas City – MO, January 20th:  Miami Creek Brewing Company, a newcomer to the KC craft beer scene, announced that they will be making their first public appearance at the 2016 KC Brewfest on February 27th at Union Station.  While they have held private and invitational tastings in the past, this will be their first appearance where the public will be able to sample some of their artisanal products.

For VIP attendees, plan to sample a barley wine that was fermented on blackberries grown on their farm.  For everyone else, try a honey pale ale brewed with local honey, a coffee stout made with 100% Kona coffee (which is roasted on their farm), and a lemon saison brewed with lemon thyme that was also grown on their property.

Miami Creek Brewing Company began building their facilities in November, 2014.  Today, the brewery is complete, fully licensed, and located on a 21 acre farm just south of Drexel, Missouri.  Their focus is producing beer which includes locally grown ingredients from their farm and from the Kansas City region.  They are growing a wide variety of fruits, herbs, and hops which they hope will add a flare to the Kansas City craft beer scene.  Cider and light mead offerings will be available in the future.

Visit Miami Creek Brewing Company online at miamicreek.com or on facebook

Visit the Kansas City Brew Festival online at kansascitybrewfest.com