Many of you may know that we’ve passed our Missouri/FDA inspection for our commercial kitchen.  This is an exciting step towards getting our brewery opened.  Next up is our federal permit, which we are waiting patiently for.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to design and plan our brewhouse and select the equipment we’ll need in order to produce great products.

The commercial kitchen inspection also gives us the green light to produce many of the products that will go into our beer and cider as well as being able to roast our coffee on a commercial/wholesale scale.  There was always the question “can I buy this in a store?” and soon you may be able to.

We are also investigating new models of coffee roasters that could handle larger batches and therefore allowing us to roast more beans.

On the green side of things, our waste water transfer pump has arrived and works wonderfully.  All of our waste water from the brewhouse is saved in a catchment tank.  Since we only use environmentally friendly soap and sanitizing solutions, we are able to use this water to irrigate our gardens and orchard!  Thanks to the Department of Natural Resources for allowing us to reuse our water in an environmentally friendly manner!