Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting Miami Creek Brewing Company:

  • We are on a gravel road.  As a motorcyclist myself, I understand the importance of parking on concrete.  If you ride out here, feel free to park in our driveway.
  • Please do not eat wild items.  While we grow many items on our property, mother nature also does her fair share of growing as well… many of these plants can be poisonous even though they may look safe!
  • Miami Creek runs through our farm and with it comes a variety of wildlife that may be dangerous if provoked.  These creatures play an important role in our ecosystem, but they can hurt you if they feel threatened.
  • We have seating available, but it is limited.  Feel free to bring along a camp chair or a blanket if you prefer.  There are plenty of spots to stake your claim.  Also feel free to move around on our farm to wherever you would like!
  • Most importantly, inhale deeply, and enjoy your stay and our beer responsibly.  We want you to have a fun and relaxing time here on our farm.  If there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask!

Here is a map to Miami Creek Brewing Company.   To minimize the distance traveled on this gravel road, consider traveling 18 HWY to NW 14002 and entering from the east.

We hope to see you soon!